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Benoît Lubek
19 avenue de Choisy
75013 Paris

French nationality.
+33 6 07 17 00 95

Software Engineer


Current Android Expert at Qonto (neobank, Paris, France)
Sep. 2018 . New features and maintenance on the Qonto banking app.
 . Strong focus on architecture; core modules and services; keeping the codebase maintainable, clean and modern; team best practices and documentation; newcomer training; tooling; R&D; etc.
 . Team grew from 3 to 10 developers.
EnvironmentAndroid, Kotlin, MVVM / Clean Architecture, Realm, Databinding, Coroutines, Dagger, JSON, Gitlab, Android Studio, Gradle.
2018Android Developer at LESS (now part of BlaBlaCar, software publisher, Paris, France)
2017 . Development of the LESS app, a peer-to-peer ridesharing service.
 . Started from scratch with another Android developer, and worked from the inception to the publication on the Play Store, and on the maintenance / new features of the app.
 . Setup an MVVM architecture using Arch components.
 . Implemented turn by turn navigation / GPS (incl. voice instructions) features.
 . Strong focus on real time messaging aspects (PubNub, FCM.)
 . At BlaBlaCar: new features and maintenance on the BlaBlaCar Daily app.
EnvironmentAndroid, Java, Kotlin, Arch components (ViewModel, Room), RxJava, Databinding, Dagger, Firebase, Mapbox, PubNub, FCM, JSON, Github, Android Studio, Gradle.
2017Android Developer at Blackpills (media company, Paris, France)
2016 . Development of the Blackpills app, a browser and player for original mini series meant for mobile consumption.
 . Started from scratch with 2 other Android developers (full Kotlin).
 . Strong focus on the UI/UX.
 . Worked on payment, ads, offline mode (video download), and more.
EnvironmentAndroid, Kotlin, ExoPlayer, HLS, Swagger, JSON, Gitlab, Android Studio, Gradle.
2016Lead Android Developer at Family And Co. (software publisher, Paris, France - as freelance)
2012 . Development on the FamilyWall app, which helps users organize, communicate and share contents within their family.
 . Strong focus on the UI/UX.
 . Implemented a full-featured calendar with month and next events views.
 . Communication with the REST/JSON API.
 . Customized the software for customers (branding, integration.)
EnvironmentAndroid, Java, Custom UI components, C2DM/GCM, In-app purchase, Maps API, Google Play Services, Content Provider, JSON, Git, Jenkins, Android Studio, Gradle.
2012Lead Android Developer at Plizy (software publisher, Paris, France.)
2011 . Development of the Plizy app for tablets, a video aggregator / player.
 . Started from scratch and was responsible for the project from the inception to the publication on the Play Store.
 . Communication with the REST/JSON API.
 . Developed a video player using a VideoView or a WebView depending on the provider (YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.)
 . Designed and implemented an image caching mechanism for the thumbnails.
EnvironmentAndroid, Java, Animations, VideoView, WebView, Content Provider, Facebook, Twitter, JSON, Git, Jenkins, Eclipse.
2011Android and Backend Developer at Vox Mobili (software publisher, Paris, France)
2008 . Development on the Phonebook 2.0 app for Android, a synchronized and social address book.
 . Designed and implemented a generic engine that integrates with social networks (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, …) and managed developers implementing connectors using this engine.
 . Implemented presence / chat features using the RCS protocol.
 . Server-side development on the PIM product (synchronized address book, calendar, tasks, pictures / videos, etc.)
 . Customized the software for customers: T-Mobile, Bouygues Telecom, Orange, Telstra.
EnvironmentAndroid, Java, J2EE, Javascript, Ajax, JSON, SOAP, SyncML, Oracle, Tomcat, Subversion, Eclipse.
2008Java Developer at Oalia (software publisher, Suresnes, France)
2006 . Maintained and enhanced the in-house Framework.
 . Development on the OSRM / OSPM v3 and v4 products (spend management software.)
 . Designed and implemented the Supplier Portal module (remote application communicating using Web Services.)
EnvironmentJava, J2EE, Hibernate, Turbine, Velocity, Ajax, SOAP, Axis, Oracle, Tomcat, Weblogic, Subversion, Maven, Eclipse.
2006Java Developer at Pegasis (IT services and software publisher, Paris, France)
2003 . Development on web applications (internet/intranet) for customers: France Télécom, l'Apec, Casino, Le Mémorial de la Shoah, Planète TP.
 . Used Pegasis' internal framework (MVC2 model) and Délia CMS.
EnvironmentJava, J2EE (JSP/Servlets/Taglibs), Tiles, SQL, Oracle, CVS, Tomcat, Ant, IntelliJ, Eclipse.
2003Java Developer at Icom Informatique (software publisher, Charenton, France)
2001 . Development on the web and Swing applications.
 . Ported a scripting language interpreter to Java.
EnvironmentJava, JSP/Servlets, Applets, Swing, Java web start, JavaCC, XML, LDAP, SSL, Visual SourceSafe, Ant, IntelliJ.


DevelopmentExcellent knowledge of the Android platform.
Excellent knowledge of the Kotlin and Java languages.
Experience with C#, C++, and C.
IntelliJ/AS and Eclipse environments.
Other skills: Shell, Perl, TCL, Pascal, Ada, assembly language.

Server-side and webFrameworks: KTOR, JSP/Servlets, Struts, Turbine.
Very good knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML, XSL/T.
Other skills: GraphQL, FreeMarker, PHP, Flash, Applets.

DatabasesSQL language; Oracle, MySQL and SQLite.
JPA, Hibernate, JDBC, Realm.

ConceptsDesign Patterns; Clean Architecture; UML.

Operating SystemsGood knowledge of Linux / Unix; MacOS; Windows.

LanguagesEnglish: fluent.
French: native language.


1998 - 2001  . Computer science at EPITA (Ecole Pour l'Informatique et les Techniques Avancées), Paris, France.
 . Information Systems / Software Engineering option.
1996 - 1998  . D.U.T. informatique (Diplôme Universitaire Technologique in computer science), Software Engineering option, at I.U.T. of Vélizy, France.
1996  . Baccalauréat, Science series, Mathematics option.


Reading (science, science-fiction), cinema, music (bass guitar), geocaching.
A few hobby Android apps (Play Store) and pet projects (Github).